what is all this even
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It’s a cool place, and they say it gets harder

You’re bundled up now, wait ‘til you get better


One interesting thing I’ve observed is how people definitely respond more positively to posts once they’ve hit 1k notes

I’ve had posts that sat there on my blog for days, weeks, months even, slowly accumulating notes before hitting 1k and then EXPLODING. Case in point, "leg". The word “leg” by itself isn’t particularly funny, and it didn’t initially get many reblogs. After about a day, it eventually reached 100 notes, at which point I managed to goad some humorous responses out of people. That chain went around, got the post to 1k notes, and I deleted it

After that, I waited a few days and reblogged the original version of the post by itself. Ostensibly, it’s just the word “leg” by itself in a post with over 1k notes. A lot of reblogs are from people who are very confused by this, asking if they’re missing the joke, unaware that there was a “funnier” version of it going around. But a good chunk of reblogs are from people who are just taking it at face value, reblogging it for the sake of reblogging it, In fact, if you look through the notes on the post, most reblogs are of the original version of the post. This is a dramatically different response to word “leg” by itself than the slow build to just 100 notes the post initially elicited 

Why? I guess a post that just says “leg” is inherently funnier when it’s got an ridiculous amount of notes for no discernible reason. That much I understand. There’s a level of absurdity to it that’s pretty funny, and it’s fun to watch people get confused. But it’s telling that the response to the post was so much more enthusiastic once it hit 1000 notes, regardless of the quality of the content. Even if it’s subtle, the amount of notes on a post absolutely influences its perceived quality

Isn’t blogging FUN and FASCINATING? It sure is

Recordar es fácil para el que tiene memoria. Olvidar es difícil para quien tiene corazón
Gabriel García Márquez. (via marahiddlesgd)
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You may say I’m a dreamer

but the media men beg to differ

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Nobody told me there was an avengers anime. 

Tumblr, how are you not all over this? Or have I just missed this.


what’s going on? i’m actually. excited about something homestuck-related for the first time in over a year. oh no. oh god, no. it’s happening. help